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If you’re looking for a digital marketing expert who understands business, look no further. Digital marketing is my passion. With more than 30 years in business management and digital experience, I am well known for providing thought leadership in the areas of digital marketing, processes, creative content, and digital strategies that generate ROI.


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About Me

Hello, I’m Gloria. I’ve Been Building Websites For Over 30 Years!

Is your website outdated and not mobile-compliant? Are you providing a good user experience for your customers? Can your customers easily purchase and check out of your website? Are you looking for your website to integrate with your operation?
Do you need a digital marketing partner on your team who is on your team?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above or are ready for your first website, I can’t wait to meet and discuss your business. I love business, and I love helping my clients succeed.

In fact, as a former entrepreneur who took an $800 investment and grew it to a successful 10 million dollar seafood business, I understand the nuts and bolts of being a business owner. Utilizing my entrepreneurial pursuit from my early years, I can leverage that experience to assist companies in improving their bottom line by introducing and advancing their digital marketing efforts.

I specialize in driving traffic and opening up customer acquisition channels. My standard protocol always commences with drilling down to the core of a business to learn the distinctions of that market. From there, I work closely with my stakeholders to develop high-quality and impactful digital marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Known for optimizing every possible resource, I import and export ideas that drive change and advance revenues and profitability. Uncovering new business opportunities and an intellectual curiosity about other possibilities are my key principles.

In a nutshell, I possess highly developed marketing and project management skills and a digital mindset, allowing me to do what I love: Create digital strategies that drive customer acquisition and engagement across various industries.