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Do you have followers that translate into sales? The success of Arpeggio BYOB’s social media/marketing program is followers who respond and purchase from social media messaging. So often, businesses get caught up with the number of followers, but unless you are a national brand, enormous numbers do not necessarily translate into loyal customers.

Since February 28, 2018, I’ve photographed every dish and then some at Arpeggio BYOB. When the COVID pandemic hit, we developed an online website with full item photography.

A social media program launched our annual gift card program that drives 60k + during the holiday season.

Our social media program successfully launched a booming curbside pickup program and holiday and catering takeout.

Arpeggio BYOB immediately rings sales and interest for a new post on social media. We often find people posts are well-liked, but our audience is paying attention and reacting to food photography with purchases.

In addition to social media, I am a steady source of brainstorming and strategy for business development. Arpeggio BYOB will run ideas past me, and it is not uncommon for me to contact them with revenue-generating ideas.

I have developed custom programming for Arpeggio BYOB to enhance operations and revenue. These programs include large party reservation bookings that secure deposits and inform clients with text messaging, and we are completing online large party catering menu booking that will secure deposits at booking.


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  • Facebook Likes: 2,600
  • Facebook Reach: 281,263
  • Instagram Followers: 1,700
  • Instagram Reach: 66, 248

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