Wilson's Restaurant & Live Music Lounge

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Immediate Turn-Around of  Website and Marketing Solutions in 21 Days

Twenty-one days prior to opening, I was brought on board for social media. I reviewed a non-descript website that was not developed and was not representative of a first-class establishment. I understood entertainment was key to their business model and suggested a website that showcased the talent and incorporated online ticketing to sell shows, saving the operations tens of thousands of dollars and the ability to manage our ticket sales.

Once the website was developed we were ready to launch social media with a cohesive branding message. The incorporation of video, still images, and stories have successfully resulted in 1,121 online sales and hundreds of walk-in sales in the midst of the COVID pandemic.


  • Wilson’s Restaurant & Live Music Lounge


  • Web Design
  • Website Build
  • Ticketing
  • Gift Card Program
  • Business Consulting


  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing Custom Programming

Metrics – Opening 42 Days

  • Facebook Likes: 2,630
  • Facebook Reach: 143,200
  • Instagram Followers: 844
  • Instagram Reach: 3, 145
  • Ticket Sales: 1,121 Tickets
  • Website Visitors: 16,683
  • Website Page Visits Average: 3.75

Wilson’s Restaurant & Live Music Lounge

Social Media