Facebook Marketing

900 million people use Facebook every day.  Facebook marketing should be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy.  We see tremendous results with Facebook advertising.  Facebook targeting allows you to drill down to the people you want to reach with very precise targeting and ad delivery.  Facebook advertising targets and engages real people, not cookies. There are many cost-effective delivery options for Facebook advertising that provide excellent results.  Call us today to get started with Facebook Marketing and get the buzz going to drive conversions.

Social Media Management

Social media is where every B2C business needs a strong presence and B2B firms that incorporate social media are one step ahead of their competitors.  It's all about engagement and sharing relevant content that resonates with your customers.  Content is king.  Create an engaging mix of authentic posts with great natural images, and you are on target to win fans and drive revenue.

Facebook / Instagram Organic Postings - 5 Days a Week - 1 Post Per Day - $750.00 month

Consistency is key with Social Media.  Many small businesses do not have the staff or inclination to create the content and to remain consistent with daily posts.  Every business needs an online presence.  Facebook and Instagram are must-have additions to your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook / Instagram Management - Included Features - No Additional Fee
  • All content and custom photography created for your brand
  • Hashtag research and relevant hashtags applied to all posts
  • Ongoing engagement with social media community
Facebook / Instagram Management - One Time Fees
  • Facebook and Instagram Consultation - $150.00
    • Facebook and Instagram Page Setups
Facebook / Instagram Advertising
  • Boosted posts no additional fees if client is on monthly retainer
  • Custom advertising 15% of the budget for an ad campaign.  Minimum $25.00 per campaign.
Pinterest Management


  • Pinterest Page Setup $150.00
    • Setup 8 boards with SEO
    • Create overall strategy for Pinterest page
    • Train staff to maintain page
You Tube - Business Videos


  • Two-minute Business Introduction Video - $500.00
    • HD production with Audio

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