In 2006, Google became a verb.  With the advent of mobile phones, people are performing a google search to research, learn and shop on-the-go.  If you have a product to sell, this is Google Adwords is a must-have addition to your marketing strategy.  Developing a smart and efficient Google AdWords campaign requires an expert who knows their way around and will not waste your hard-earned dollars learning how to play the game.

Over a million businesses use Google AdWords.  Clients love Google AdWords because the results are measurable and you only pay when someone clicks unless you are running a brand awareness campaign on the display network.  Our team will setup your website with conversion tracking to monitor your cost per conversion.  You can track actual sales of products if you have an E-Commerce site.  Google Adwords are extremely transparent, no more wondering if your advertising is working.

Our mobile society puts Google at the fingertips of consumers all the time.  If they are shopping, they are searching for where to go, where to buy, how much is it, can I get it cheaper and if you’re not there you are missing out on leads that can turn into conversions.  Google AdWords allows you to set up remarketing audiences from all visitors that arrive on your website.  Marketing to a client that has taken the time to acquaint themselves with your products is the first exposure.  By remarketing you drive home your brand and conversion.  The world has gone digital; you need a strong digital presence.

Google AdWords allow you to target your campaigns for the best ROI.  You can define specific devices, geographic, demographic and affinity settings.  Our team will add Google Analytics tracking and monitor your audience to continue to refine targeting.

Google AdWords allows you the flexibility to advertise during your business hours or the time that your clients are most likely to convert.  You are in total control of your ad spend and placement.

You can spend as little or as much as you want.   There are no minimums with Google AdWords.  As your business grows, you can continue to increase your budget to obtain greater market share.

We can help you set up a cost effective and measurable Google AdWords campaigns.  We will take the time to understand your business and products.  With our strong business background combined with our digital marketing expertise, you will be up and running in no time.  Give us a call today. We look forward to working together.

AdWords Targeting

What we love about Google AdWords is you can drill down to show your ads to customers who are likely to convert.  Google AdWords allows different strategies to target your particular customer base on Google Search and Search Partner Sites.

  • Keyword targeting: Keyword research is essential to develop a good understanding of your products and business.  Before setting up your keywords and Google AdWords campaigns, we will spend time discussing your business, products and sales goals.  Our team will develop a tight list of keywords, and we will monitor their effectiveness to develop winning keywords.  Additionally, we will continue to add negative keywords to maximize conversions.
  • Geographic location targeting: Drilling down to find your potential clients will increase your ROI.  Why spend money in geographic areas that will not convert? Google AdWords allows targeting by zip code, radius, state, county, city, and places of interest.  You can set bid adjustments to bid higher for specific locations and reduce bids for areas that are not converting at the same rate.
  • Device targeting: It’s a mobile society, and Google AdWords allows clients to adjust bids according to the device.  Developing mobile and desktop ads will help you decide where to increase or decrease bidding resulting in better opportunities for conversions.
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs): Creating remarketing for clients that have previously visited your site is one of the most cost-effective strategies for conversions.  While we will bid higher for keywords in RLSA campaigns, your net cost per conversion will be lower.  Don’t lose clients who didn’t buy the first time but have already gained familiarity with your brand.  More often than not, they are happy that you appeared via Google AdWords because they are ready to convert.
  • Display Advertising & Remarketing: Google Display advertising is everywhere.   Remarketing is where you can get the best bang for your buck with the Display Network.  There is an adage that a new customer needs five exposures before they are ready to buy.  With the help of tracking cookies, you can make sure they remember your marketing message.  If they have not converted, you can offer incentives to get the conversion.   Target Display Ads to specific publications, keywords, locations, and by user affinity groups.  Traditional impression advertising cannot come close to the accurate targeting offered by the Google Display Network.


Google Ads and Bing Ads are the best choices for many businesses. When a potential customer begins their search online, you should be there.  If you're not on page one of a search, your chances to be included in the customer's selection process will need to rely on word-of-mouth or repeat customers. Most businesses need new clients to grow. I will build intelligent campaigns that will drive results.


$500 BASE FEEincludes set-up for a maximum of 5 campaigns with ad groups and keywords for Google Ads. This will include keyword research.  During the first month, I will refine the keywords and campaigns.

$200.00 fee to set-up matching Bing Ads campaigns with ad groups and keywords.

It is recommended that your website have landing pages for each ad group with correlating URL, content, title and meta tags.  $50.00 per hour for landing page development.

Ongoing monthly maintenance is 100.00 per hour.


The best practice for cost-effective Google and Bing Ads campaigns is correlating a good landing page with all ad groups.  The landing page should have a relevant URL, title and meta description, and relevant content. Website landing page development will be billed at $50.00 per hour.


It is always recommended to set-up Google Analytics to understand your website analytics.  If you are investing money with Google and Bing Ads you must have Google Analytics to watch the effectiveness of your campaigns.  Analytics is key to making intelligent decisions to maximize your advertising campaign. $50.00 per hour for Google Analytics set-up.