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Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics is your roadmap to a successful digital marketing strategy.  You need to know your customer demographics, affinity groups, location and buying patterns to determine how to gain market share.  Google Analytics tracks Google AdWords, conversions, E-Commerce Sales down to the product level, acquisition traffic, behavior patterns, real time traffic, social media interactions and more information than you can imagine.  Google Analytics is continually adding new reporting tools.  If you want to understand your business, you need Google Analytics.

Real-Time Reporting:  Watch in Real-Time, watch within seconds, the number of people on your site, their geographic location, the keywords and sites that referred them, which pages they are viewing and conversions as they are happening.  How cool is that?

Audience Reporting: Who are your customers?  Audience reporting details the age, gender, interests, location, language, new and returning customers, frequency, engagement, technology and device source.

Acquisition:  Complete detail for the source of acquisition, complete AdWords detailing, search console detailing, social reporting, conversion tracking including complete E-Commerce data.

Behavior:  Keep your eye on your behavior flow, site content views, exit pages and site speed.  Use this information to refine your site for optimum performance.

Conversions:  Set goals for sales, video clicks, contact form clicks and observe your conversions in Google Analytics.

"I have had the privilege and fortune of working with Gloria Esposito for over 5 years in several different capacities, throughout which her talent and passion have immeasurably helped build our internet presence.  Before she started with us, our social media presence was minimal.  Under her guidance, this has become an integral part of our marketing strategy and now is extremely successful.  The work she has done on our website has made it much more current and attractive, doubling traffic and awareness in just a few months.  

Not only is she genuinely enthusiastic about each business she works with, she always goes the extra mile and always exceeds expectations.  Gloria is undoubtedly the most gifted professional I have come across in my 25 years in business."
Mary Cullom

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"I’ve worked with Gloria Esposito for several years, and she is not only a brilliant marketer who is masterful at driving business, but also tireless in the way she constantly measures and adjusts strategies to maximize results. Gloria will do anything to assist her clients in achieving their goals. She builds smart, sophisticated and beautiful websites that tell the stories of the brands she works with, which foster consumer interaction, engagement and brand loyalty. Every smart visionary preparing to introduce a new product or service, or looking to pivot their company to adjust to market trends should contact this fun, smart entrepreneurial thinker."

Peter Breslow

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