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Instagram Marketing
Every picture tells a story, and Instagram is a social channel you cannot ignore. Instagram boasts over 500M community members. Instagram is an advertising platform incorporating creative imagery to build a steady stream of engaged users. Facebook owns Instagram, and you can easily create ad campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager. Like Facebook, today’s mobile users are checking their Instagram feed and Instagram offers enhanced ad formats to share your brand’s story. Instagram is driving sales and current marketplace demands your attention to share your story. Our creative team will compose winning shots and build your Instagram followers.

Instagram Tips – Top Ten Ideas
Create High-Quality Content – You’ve heard the phrase “Content is King” for a good reason. Instagram is a visual social media channel. It is essential that you create engaging images, comments, and relevant hashtags. Creating strong content that engages your community is key to growing followers. Engaging content is discovered on Instagram’s Explore (search) and your follower’s News tab. Top explore results are determined by Instagram’s algorithms that reward engaging content. Moving to the top of Explore searches will help your organic growth on Instagram.

Promote Your Instagram Account – Grow your organic followers with simple business marketing strategies. Promote your Instagram account with signs at your retail locations, all social media accounts, emails, direct mail, website, print media, etc.
Quality Followers – Organically grow your Instagram followers. Avoid buying likes; they will not be engaged with your content.

Be Authentic – Create content that represents your brand. Show your personality. Engaged Instagram followers are like-minded, and a natural conversation will take place. Developing relationships is fun and good for business.

Instagram Content Strategy – Determine your Instagram look and brand strategy. Don’t forget this is a visual platform, and all posts are viewed in their entirety on your Instagram page.

Hashtags – Don’t overuse, but don’t underuse Hashtags. Five to Seven Hashtags seem to be the magic number

Build New Relationships – Explore topics and engage with Instagrammers. Develop a steady relationship to develop new followers

Create a Unique Bio – Take the time to create an authentic, engaging Bio.

Respond to Followers – You need to give to get. Social media is a two-way conversation. Like your follower’s posts and respond to comments as quick as possible. Build relationships with your followers.

Create a Calendar – Layout out a media plan on a calendar to provide an overall guide, however, be spontaneous as great content presents itself. Be in the moment to stay authentic.

Instagram for Business – Building Your Brand
Instagram has 600 million active Instagram users worldwide
Instagram is the fastest growing social app
Instagram is second to Facebook, the number one social app
Facebook and Instagram account for 1 out of 5 minutes on mobile in the US
The average Instagram user spends 21 minutes per day on Instagram
60% of Instagram users report they learn about products or services on Instagram
75% of users take action after being inspired by an Instagram post
In 2016 Instagram found a 40% increase in time spent watching videos with a higher brand lift
Instagram advertising averages a 2.8% higher Ad Recall Lift above advertising norms
Instagram followers come to Instagram with an open mind. They seek visual inspiration, and images are a universal language. 600 million worldwide users open up your brand. Instagram is a place for diverse creativity. Instagram is a place to discover new places, new people, and new trends.

Advertising on Instagram
There are three different formats you can use on Instagram

Photo Ads
Video Ads including slideshows up to 60 seconds
Carousel ads, according to Instagram drive a 2.5 increase in Ad Lift than static ads
Instagram provides highly targeted options for ad placement.

Instagram advertising offers advertisers the ability to target real people who are interested in their products. You can drill down to find the most relevant audience. With visual storytelling, you can share your brand’s story through sequenced messaging. Remarketing is also available.

Content is King and rising above the fray on Instagram you need compelling, thoughtful, deliberate content. You want to say something with your images that will make people think and then act. Your images should reflect your brand’s identity.

*Information acquired from Facebook Blueprint.

How to Write an Instagram Bio
Use a Headshot – Always use your own picture for your profile picture, unless you are a major brand. People want to connect with people on Instagram, be authentic.
Two Floor Elevator Pitch – Think of a few words that describe your brand. Keep it strong and short. You don’t have a lot of space to ramble on and who wants to hear it anyway?
Show off Your Personality Why should someone like you? What’s your schtick? Express yourself.
Add Emojis – Add a little spunk and eye appeal.
Email Address & Website Link – Gotta have it!
Mention to Tag – Add tag requests if you want to repost user-generated contented

"I have had the privilege and fortune of working with Gloria Esposito for over 5 years in several different capacities, throughout which her talent and passion have immeasurably helped build our internet presence.  Before she started with us, our social media presence was minimal.  Under her guidance, this has become an integral part of our marketing strategy and now is extremely successful.  The work she has done on our website has made it much more current and attractive, doubling traffic and awareness in just a few months.  

Not only is she genuinely enthusiastic about each business she works with, she always goes the extra mile and always exceeds expectations.  Gloria is undoubtedly the most gifted professional I have come across in my 25 years in business."
Mary Cullom

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"I’ve worked with Gloria Esposito for several years, and she is not only a brilliant marketer who is masterful at driving business, but also tireless in the way she constantly measures and adjusts strategies to maximize results. Gloria will do anything to assist her clients in achieving their goals. She builds smart, sophisticated and beautiful websites that tell the stories of the brands she works with, which foster consumer interaction, engagement and brand loyalty. Every smart visionary preparing to introduce a new product or service, or looking to pivot their company to adjust to market trends should contact this fun, smart entrepreneurial thinker."

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