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Glamping in Merzouga

Shout out to Hassan from Sahara Stars Camp in Merzouga. Not only does Hassan run and operate this magical desert camp, but he also helped us plan our incredible Moroccan journey. He extended warm hospitality when we arrived at his camp, and we felt at home.

dunes of Erg Chebbi

Visiting Erg Chebbi, the highest and largest sand dunes in Morocco is a mind-blowing experience. The dunes are constantly moving, creating beautiful sculptures in the sand. Riding camels through the dunes of Erg Chebbi was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. I still think about the lime-green aura I witnessed that outlined the dunes.  I was honored to see this incredible glow from the earth. I was grateful for the opportunity to visit this corner of the planet.

Sahara Stars Camp

Sahara Stars Camp is the ultimate glamping experience. Set at the foothills of the sand dune fields of Erg Chebbi, you feel like you are on a Hollywood set. This is a family-run camp, and the hospitality and tents are top-notch. At night, the staff invites you for tea and music around the campfire, and they prepare and serve delicious breakfast and dinner to all guests in the main tent. Late at night, walk to the edge of the camp, lie down, and look up for fantastic star-gazing. Five stars, and if you are visiting Morocco, make this a required stop! 

Camelback trek

erg chebbi behind sahara stars camp


A big shout out to Youssef, our guide, for our entire Moroccan journey. Youseff drove us from Tangier to Rabat and never lost his smile and good nature. If you need a great driver to take you around Morocco, Youssef is your guy! Youssef became a great friend, and we loved traveling with him. Youseef’s story is incredible; he grew up as a Bedouin in the Sahara desert. After generations of living as a Bedouin, his father’s fossils were discovered, and his family left the desert. We visited a Bedouin camp, which was fascinating and humbling; a simple swath of fabric is appreciated and utilized to improve their lives. 

Bedouin home

beduoin family

Bedouin zarb

Khamlia Village

Khamlia Village

While in the desert, we visited a Berber village and went wild for the Berber pizza! 

khamlia village

We loved the incredibly talented young Berber drummer boy with the most beautiful smile and gift for sharing Gnawa music.

Staff at Sahara Stars Camp

Camel Guide

I had a blast traveling with Mary & Hamid