Do you need more sales? Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, and Instagram advertising combined with a good organic strategy will help drive clients and sales! I understand business and know what platform is the best choice for maximum results! You can start with a small budget and scale up as you see results.


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Google Ads – Bing Ads

Google and Bing Ads are the perfect vehicle for targeted Search Engine Marketing.  Many products are best suited for targeted keyword search marketing.  In addition to keywords, we can target specific demographics and locations.  Google and Bing also offer fantastic remarketing and display advertising to maximize results.


Over a million businesses use Google AdWords.  Clients love Google AdWords because the results are measurable and you only pay when someone clicks unless you are running a brand awareness campaign on the display network.  Our team will setup your website with conversion tracking to monitor your cost per conversion.  You can track actual sales of products if you have an E-Commerce site.  Google Adwords are extremely transparent, no more wondering if your advertising is working.


While Google is the dominant player for Adwords, Bing represents 20% of the market share. If you want maximum market penetration, you need to have a presence on Bing. Our team will match Google and Bing campaigns for the best results. Creative ad copy and excellent keyword research are necessary for effective campaigns. Our team will set-up and manage your campaigns to start driving sales and revenue.


Remarketing is where you can get the best bang for your buck with the Display Network.  There is an adage that a new customer needs five exposures before they are ready to buy.  With the help of tracking cookies, you can make sure they remember your marketing message.  If they have not converted, you can offer incentives to get the conversion.   Target Display Ads to specific publications, keywords, locations, and by user affinity groups.  Traditional impression advertising cannot come close to the accurate targeting offered by the Google Display Network.

COmplete Website Packages


Is your website mobile compliant? Is your website easy to navigate? Do clients have a hard time checking out and making a purchase? I'll go over your goals, review your current site and help you develop a winning strategy for your next website.


Is your website easy to navigate? Can your customers find what they are looking for? Is your site easy to read? Are your graphics compelling? I'll present beautiful templates and designs that will get you up and running with a fresh mobile-friendly website.


What do you need to help your operation run smoothly? What would make your website a better user experience for your customers? With customized programming anything is possible. Programming makes anything possible!


Do you want to run your business and leave the technology to a trusted business associate? I thrive on being a business partner to my clients. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I will integrate your digital marketing strategy to help you develop more sales and profits.

"I have had the privilege and fortune of working with Gloria Esposito for over 5 years in several different capacities, throughout which her talent and passion have immeasurably helped build our internet presence.  Before she started with us, our social media presence was minimal.  Under her guidance, this has become an integral part of our marketing strategy and now is extremely successful.  The work she has done on our website has made it much more current and attractive, doubling traffic and awareness in just a few months.  

Not only is she genuinely enthusiastic about each business she works with, she always goes the extra mile and always exceeds expectations.  Gloria is undoubtedly the most gifted professional I have come across in my 25 years in business."
Mary Cullom

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"I’ve worked with Gloria Esposito for several years, and she is not only a brilliant marketer who is masterful at driving business, but also tireless in the way she constantly measures and adjusts strategies to maximize results. Gloria will do anything to assist her clients in achieving their goals. She builds smart, sophisticated and beautiful websites that tell the stories of the brands she works with, which foster consumer interaction, engagement and brand loyalty. Every smart visionary preparing to introduce a new product or service, or looking to pivot their company to adjust to market trends should contact this fun, smart entrepreneurial thinker."

Peter Breslow

Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations

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