Semana Santa Seville

semana santa in seville

We had the incredible opportunity to experience Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Seville. During this time, we observed and participated in Spain’s annual commemoration of Jesus Christ’s Passion. This event is marked by the Catholic religious brotherhoods (Spanish: hermandad) and fraternities engaging in penance processions through the streets. These brotherhoods transport elaborate floats or ‘Pasos,’ adorned with sculptures that represent various Gospel scenes related to Christ’s Passion or the Sorrows of the Virgin Mary. Some of these ‘Pasos’ have been maintained and cherished by the brotherhoods for centuries. They are often accompanied by marching bands that play ‘Marchas procesionales,’ a unique genre of music dedicated to the images and fraternities.

holy week in seville

During Holy Week in Seville, Spain, the “Pasos” are a pivotal element of the Semana Santa celebrations, renowned worldwide for their emotional and religious significance. Each brotherhood, or Hermandad and Cofradía, participates in these processions, typically having at least one Paso, with many showcasing two – one depicting Christ and the other the Virgin Mary.

There are usually over 100 Pasos, each carried by 20 to 50 members of the brotherhoods known as “Costaleros,” who consider it an honor and a form of penance. They carry these floats on their necks and shoulders, hidden beneath them, creating the illusion that the Pasos move by themselves. The route of the procession leads to the Cathedral of Seville, the central point of these ceremonies.

rinconcillo 350 years old

On a culinary trip in Seville with Mary Cullom, we visited El Rinconcillo, a historic eatery famed for traditional Andalusian dishes, including tapas, seafood, and meats. This 350-year-old restaurant, admired for its 17th-century décor, wooden bar, and Spanish tiles, attracts a diverse crowd for its ambiance and signature Sunday meals. Our selections included Andalusian gazpacho, Almejas a la Marinera, Espinacas Con Garbanzos, and Sole in Lemon Butter, complemented by Benito Escudero white wine. While the gazpacho and clams were not remarkable, the standout was the Sole, Espinacas Con Garbanzos, and the restaurant’s enchanting setting.

Sanlúcar potato dressing paired with fried crystal prawns

Castizo Tapas Bar in Seville, Spain, is known for its inventive use of ingredients and the high quality of its tapas. We were surprised to see so many potato tapas options. Initially, potatoes gained popularity in Spain as an affordable source of nourishment for the impoverished. Soon, their ease of cultivation and nutritional value led to widespread demand and now potatoes are a key ingredient in Andalucian cooking. Check out photos of a few of the dishes we loved; Sanlúcar potato dressing paired with fried crystal prawns, Potato Salad with Tuna, Potatoes with Fried Eggs and Shrimp, Baby Squid with a Mild Barbecue Sauce, and Honeyed Eggplant with Cane Honey and Parmesan Cheese.

potato salad with tuna

potatoes with fried eggs and shrimp

baby squid with a mild barbeque sauce

Honeyed Eggplant with Cane Honey and Parmesan Cheese.