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Do you need help kicking off your social media program? Are you looking for someone to take photographs and be the voice for your company? Whether you need an hour consult or long-term social media management, I’m the social media gal you’ve been looking for!

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Facebook & Instagram

If you can maintain a consistent posting strategy, Facebook & Instagram are excellent social media channels to stay in front of your fans. Facebook/Instagram success depends on great engaging content to build an audience. Most businesses need to develop their Facebook /Instagram audience and success with Facebook/Instagram advertising since Facebook’s (who also owns Instagram) algorithm will not always display your post to all of your fans, let alone new viewers. Additionally, the success of a post is determined by the immediate engagement fo the post. I highly recommend incorporating key team players in your posts. This is a social network! Call me for a consult to get you started, or I am available for a fully managed Facebook/Instagram program.

Social Influencers

Word of mouth has always been the best way to build a business and today’s social influencers are the modern version of spreading the word! The value of having an Instagrammer that has a great following mentioning your brand is immeasurable.  Instagrammers with good local followings are generally available for the bartering of goods.  Instagrammers with a larger following may require payment to mention your product.  I can help you reach out to Instagrammers that would be a good fit to for your brand.


YouTube is the second largest search channel. Adding video to your social media program is a must-do! Short engaging videos add valuable content to your social media pages and the added punch for search with YouTube is a win-win.  Today’s iPhones give you the ability to create high-quality videos on the go!  For six years I was the Director of Production for Nancy Glass Productions.  We produced reality show programming for HGTV and many other cable networks.  I can show you how to add videos or I am available to produce videos for your social media program.


If you’re a celebrity, a personality, or someone who has a lot to say, then Twitter is a perfect social media channel for you.  Twitter is not a channel to occasionally post, it is best suited for commentary. When you build a Twitter following you can add promotional blurbs about your brand, but the emphasis should be on conversation.


Get pinning and drive sales.  Pinterest is a social channel where 93% of the users are on the channel to plan a purchase and 96% use Pinterest to gather information for future purchases.   The average Pinterest order is $50.00, which is higher than any other social media channel. The average pin is re-pinned 11 times, your content is shared, and it lasts longer than other social media channels.   Pinterest users spend an average of 15 minutes viewing and pinning products.  Pinterest is a social channel that needs to be in your digital marketing mix.

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